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The first episode of the popular Kids, television series Dino Dana season 1, 2 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2018-05-22 and was shown by . The Show was directed and created by , J.J. Johnson. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Michela Luci, Saara Chaudry. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Our favourite 9-year-old paleontologist in coaching, Dana, and her dinosaurs are again and larger than ever! She’ll not solely meet and study new dinosaurs, but in addition prehistoric mammals. From discovering how some dinosaurs survived extinction to exploring how cave folks lived alongside saber-toothed cats, Dino Dana Season 2 is a dino and mammoth sized journey!

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Episode Information

Episode 1

Tusk Love

air day: 2018-05-22

Dana’s dino experiment goes awry when she finds an deserted child Triceratops and tries to reunite it with its household.

Episode 2

Dino Rivalry/Dino Skater

air day: 2018-05-22

When Uncle Ravi comes over for a curry cook-out Dana should defend Dad’s particular ingredient, a spicy mirchi pepper, from being eaten by hungry herbivores! Dana conducts Dino Experiment 618: What does it really feel wish to go as quick as a Compsognathus, the quickest dinosaur? Along with her Compsognathus skateboard she’s able to really feel the pace, however first she should grasp the fundamentals of skateboarding.

Episode three

Dino In Aisle 7/Dino Go well with of Armour

air day: 2018-05-22

Dana makes use of a visit to the grocery retailer with Grandma to conduct Dino Experiment 621: What did the Sygimoloch use the Spikes on its head for? Whereas Dad helps Saara apply karate, Dana research which carnivore can get previous the sturdy armour of the Euoplocephalus.

Episode four

Taming the Smilodon/DIY Dino

air day: 2018-05-22

Smitten with Cai’s new foster kitten, Dana tries to persuade Cai to undertake the kitten whereas imaging what it might’ve been like for cave-people domesticating a Smilodon. When Grandma watches over Dana, Dana’s disillusioned as a result of she and Dad deliberate to rework her bike right into a Dromaeosaurus for Dino Experiment 612: How does a Psittacosaurus use its tail quills to guard itself.

Episode 5

A Dino By no means Forgets/Claw & Order

air day: 2018-05-22

Dana comes throughout a herd of touring sauropods and learns about why and the way they migrate. Utilizing what she learns she helps Mr. Hendrickson’s transfer into a brand new dwelling just a little simpler. Dana and her household plan to have a picnic lunch, however discover their picnic basket has been slashed. The household heads to Dino Court docket, to attempt “The Case of the Picnic Basket Slasher”.

Episode 6

Reptile Connection/Three Dinos and a Child

air day: 2018-05-22

Ms. Currie asks Dana to assist her select a reptile that is most like a dinosaur to undertake for Trek’s upcoming birthday. Collectively they scour the native Reptile Zoo and pet retailer for the right pet. Dana neglects to do her half to assist deal with Nixon as a result of she’s too preoccupied with Dino Experiment 620: How do Edmontosaurus deal with their infants.

Episode 7

Dinoback Using/In a single day Dino

air day: 2018-05-22

At Grandma’s farm Dana conducts Dino Experiment 625: What does it really feel wish to journey a Hippodraco? With Grandma’s steering and Saara’s love of horses, they assist Dana be taught what it feels wish to journey a “Horse Dragon”. Dana desires to remain up all night time to do Dino Experiment 623: Are there nocturnal dinosaurs? However her Dad’s simply come again from a late hospital shift and desires to go to mattress.

Episode eight

Saaratops/Elevating Dino Expectations

air day: 2018-05-22

Dana makes use of her time at Grandma’s farm to conduct Dino Experiment 615: Who would win in a battle? A Triceratops, Diabloceratops, or Kosmoceratops? Dana, Grandma and Saara all get invested and select a dino to root for. Dana discovers the variations between dino and human infants a when Mother’s pal Ashley and her new child Ben cease by for a go to.

Episode 9

The Quick and The Fiercest/Rising Up Dino

air day: 2018-05-22

When Dana, Saara and Uncle Ravi go gokarting collectively, Dana learns useful methods from a close-by Stygimoloch to assist as they race one another. Dana is doing Dino Experiment 624: Why does the newborn Brachiosaurus eat a lot? In the meantime, Saara adeals along with her very first face pimple, an early signal of rising up.

Episode 10

Dino Thieves/The Dino Giver

air day: 2018-05-22

Dana has a nightmare the place Saara’s a Tremendous Villain who steals an Ozraptor bone from a particular, touring show on the ROM. Dana learns that male Dromaeosaurus give presents to impress feminine Dromaeosaurus, identical to Dana’s Dad did to try to impress younger Dana.

Episode 11

The First Elephant/Dino Burrow

air day: 2018-05-22

Dana’s on the museum learning Mammoth fossils when she tells Dad and Saara a fantastical story concerning the cave people who lived amongst them. Dana and Saara are shoveling the driveway when Dana is distracted by a Troodon who has dug a den underneath her tree home. Dana desires to determine why the Troodon dug the dens, but in addition promised to assist Mother shovel the driveaway.

Episode 12

Dino Kitty/Dino, It is Chilly Exterior

air day: 2018-05-22

Dana unintentionally lures a Smilodon into her home, however when mother tells her wiild animals aren’t allowed inside Dana makes use of Nixon as bate to lure the Smilodon outdoors earlier than Mother and Saara discover. Dana conducts Dino Experiment 608: How Do Dinosaurs Survive the Winter? With some vacation assist from Ms. Currie and her grandsons, she discovers some shocking outcomes.

Episode 13

Sport of Bones

air day: 2018-05-22

On this two-part particular, Dana creates an elaborate board sport known as the Sport of Bones that brings out the aggressive facet of her household as she explains what occurred when a meteorite ended the reign of the dinosaurs.

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